Meet the Talented Core Team

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Salon Manager Abigail

Abigail provides outstanding customer service to ensure the quality of every guest’s experience. Her role is not only holding the team at the highest level of professionalism but she also provides an environment for guests to feel comfortable, relaxed, and leave feeling their best. Her goal is to empower guests with confidence and connect them to their beauty, not only on the surface but inside as well. She is the ultimate multi-tasker and loves hearing from guests about their experience. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact her and let her know about your experience, especially if there is something we can do to make your experience better.

Advanced Stylist Vinnie

Vinnie’s passion in the beauty industry has been ongoing for over 30 years. He has achieved so much in his career and is so happy to be continuing his passion for beauty at Core. Aside from styling, Vinnie travels all over North America educating other salons with Nioxin. He has been a top artist with Nioxin for 7 years and also spent 5 years with Wella being a Tech Specialist and Guest Artist. Vinnie’s passion doesn’t stop. His guests love his classic and inspirational personality and style. He brings his intuitions and inventive color and cut designs not only to his guests but to our stylists as well. “I would rather bask in the glow of many stars I help to shine than to try and light the night sky alone.

Advanced Stylist Laura

Laura has been in the beauty industry since 1994. Laura’s warm and welcoming personality sets her apart from other stylists. Her experience in addition to her constant love for extending her education helps Laura specifically indicate what the best color and style is for her guests. She gives her guests a personal and tranquil experience and leaves them with the proper knowledge of continuing their styles at home. Her inspirations come from attending The Martin Parsons Academy in Toronto, as well as her traveling to Europe, and training with world-renowned stylists such as Trevor Sorbie, Patrick Cameron, Nick Arojo and Sam Villa.

Master Stylist Erika

Erika has been proudly and passionately working in the business of beauty for over 9 years. Erika loves forming new and exciting looks for her clients, accommodating their wants while recommending what they need. She designs fresh and modern looks for each individual guest, creating an atmosphere of confidence and comfort. Her extensive and continuous education allows her to inform her guests of new innovations in beauty, as well as teach them styles attainable not only in the salon, but at home as well. She perfects every color and style, from fun and funky precision cuts, to smooth, sexy, sleek waves. Erika is Core Salon’s chameleon of style.

Master Stylist Rena

Rena has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. The energy Rena exudes through her personality and conviction helps her guests feel alive and fresh. She gives her guests a luxurious salon experience. Her number one passion is color. She is well educated in many color lines as well as many different color techniques. Her expertise doesn’t stop there. Rena is also very knowledgeable in the art of make up. Rena loves inspiring her guests with her knowledge; she tends to guests individually to give them the best possible experience and style they want and love.

Master Stylist Chrissy

Since 1996 Chrissy has taken the beauty industry by storm. Core Salon considers Chrissy their style machine. She creates outstanding colors and styles with different flare for every guest. She has extensive knowledge and training in hair extension application and maintenance. Her high energy and passion ensures a well-balanced environment, both relaxing and exciting. Her eclectic taste helps connect her to what look her guests want. The connection she has with her guests drives her to form fresh and clean glam looks.

Master Barber Noel

Noel specializes in urban fades, flat tops, high and tights, regular men’s standard cuts, faux-hawks, all spectrum mohawks, chin straps and straight razor shaves. Noel is bringing old school back to today’s modern gentleman. She has been in the cosmetology industry for more than 20 years and she feels it never gets old. She is a highly skilled and motivated young woman who feels the rewards of her career are endless. “It’s not what I do, it’s who I am”. Her customers always comes first and are never disappointed. She constantly goes out of her way to bring every ounce of professionalism to her chair while at the same time making it an incredible experience for every guest. Noel has never stopped educating herself in her profession. She still takes as many classes as she can to keep herself motivated and on the edge of every new technique. She is never done learning. She strives for perfection and constant consistency always.

Senior Stylist Denise

Denise has been in the beauty industry since 2008. Denise appreciates the time she spends with her guests. She loves getting to know her guests on a personal level to better design a look that is perfect and attainable at home. Denise is well educated in many services; one she’s very passionate about is retexture services. Denise is also well-educated and passionate about color and hair cuts, with an emphasis on long hair and curly hair as well. Supreme customer service is very important to Denise.

Senior Stylist Heather

Heather has been in the beauty industry since 2006. Heather loves accommodating her guests with the styles they love while creating a fun escaping experience for them as well. As fashion evolves, so does Heather. She constantly educates herself in new techniques while keeping a diverse variety of styles close to her fingertips. Heather’s passion excites her to continuously grasp new and exciting styles that she can use on her guests. However, Heather has another style side to her. She designs beautiful and elegant bridal hair and make up. Heather prides herself of being diverse in every aspect of the beauty industry. Whether you seek a brand new look or a clean up on a look previously given to you, Heather will make sure that you leave looking and feeling your best.

Senior Stylist Jazmin

Jazmin has been working in the beauty industry for over 11 years. Jazmin is one of Core’s secret weapons. Her drive and enthusiasm for learning new edgy and funky styles helps her guests let loose and have fun with their hair. She creates versatile, out of the box looks for her guests, making their experience exciting and their styles beautiful. She has extensive knowledge and passion in color, color correction, and barbering as well. Her versatility doesn’t end outside the box. Jazmin loves creating elegant and iconic styles as well. She loves her guests to leave with eye-catching looks that are easy for them to conquer on their own. Jazmin can also help her guests master the art of make up. She educates her guests on proper application as well as fun and interesting color combos not only for skin, but hair as well.

Senior Stylist Liz

Liz has been in the salon industry for over 14 years. Liz loves to create hair to keep her guests looking professional and real. She forms her designs around the concept that her guests need to stand out with class and the hair needs to stand up to all day wear. She loves providing her guests with a fun and trusting atmosphere to ensure a comfortable an enjoyable experience. Liz’s guests leave with head turning hair that they can successfully master on their own as well.

Senior Stylist Xiomara

Xiomara has been in the industry for over 7 years. Xiomara’s personality really shines when she’s styling hair. Her passion is not only in her beauty education but also in educating her guests on beauty. Xiomara is versatile in all color techniques and styles. She loves combining vibrant colors with a modern haircut and finishes her guests with a sleek and sexy blow out. Xiomara keeps her attitude upbeat and positive creating a confident and trusting atmosphere for her guests.

Stylist Sara        Stylist Biagina        Stylist Stephanie      Stylist Halle

These lovely ladies have just finished their extensive training and are building their careers!

Core Salon’s Future Stylists and Front Desk Coordinators

     Aryssa      Melanie      Maria      Jacqui

These ladies are what make this salon run like a well oiled machine. They are the back stage workers that help our styling team perform at their best. They work together to make sure each guest has the best customer service from the time our guests walk through the door to the time they check out. They all share a passion for people and it shows through the way they tend to each individual guest.